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Hello there! My name is Mario I am Certified Unity Developer creating mobile and desktop games for around 4 years. I provide full game and app development including design, coding, sounds, and publishing to Apple Store and Google Play store. Platforms: Apple app store / Google Play Store / Web / PC(steam) Game Genre: Casual / Main Rpg games / Action / Adventure / Puzzle / Racing / Fighting / Tower Defense

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Web Developer 2016-2019

As a freelancer, trying to find good paying projects on Upwork can be an uphill task. You need to not only outbid talented competition, but also contest with freelancers who are willing to charge very low rates. It was hard on start for me but i got into it pretty fast. I met some cool client worked on big projects , mostly creating WordPress/Custom websites. Check Upwork profile HERE

Game Developer 2019 - Present

Throughout the course of my career, I have demonstrated numerous times that I am a self-driven and strong-willed professional who is willing to get new skills with my exceptional organizational and time management skills. So here I am aspiring to be a great game-developer and looking forward to making games where everyone can enjoy it and play it! You can check some of my projects here on this website and also you can play them!

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